Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Might Be Needed At The Colliery Dams This Summer?

Photo credit Coulson Flying Tankers website

Things heating up this summer?
Platforms in the treetops?
Grannies in front of dozers?

At the July 20 council meeting Dave Cutts (self-described activist) addressed council to say his group will be able to attract a lot of people to Nanaimo this year, should work proceed in the Colliery Dams Park.

Mr. Cutts made reference to several campaigns he has been involved with in the past and claims to have been recruiting and training a group of direct action protesters that will get arrested if necessary in an effort to halt destructive work in the park.

He did not elaborate on his intentions but suggested the ability to draw attention to Nanaimo on a national scale similar to resistance one might see in opposition to pipelines.

Mr. Cutts was the object of a lawsuit when the City attempted to get a pre-emptive court injunction to stop direct action in the park in 2013 when the city was preparing to remove the dams.


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