Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Is CHEK News Using Nanaimo Info Blog Pics?

This is the picture accompanying a CHEK News story reporting on the sewage leak at Morningside Park.

This is the picture that I took and published on my website It could just be me, but I find the similarities of the two pictures uncanny with of course the exception of the crop which seems to have conveniently removed my copyright 'bug'.

I apologize if I am making a baseless accusation and if in fact CHEK News did take a picture from the same angle as I did earlier this year. However, if my suspicions are correct and their news room deliberately used my copyright pic after cropping off the 'bug' then I don't mind saying it really pisses me off.



  1. It does look remarkably similar

  2. Your original has been enlarged and cropped which explains the fuzzy lettering on the CHEK version.


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