Monday, July 27, 2015

Councillor Pratt Sees More Studies As A Waste

At the July 27th City Council meeting during the discussion about the Terms of Reference for the Colliery Dams Select Committee Councillor Pratt voiced her opinion that more studies are just a waste of tax dollars.

She seems to have forgotten that the same logic would never have gotten to the bottom of the study claiming the loss of 150 lives in a catastrophic failure of the Colliery Dams during a seismic event.

What she doesn't seem to recognize is that if the calculations of the lower dam spillway are not accurate and in fact they could withstand the amount of water speculated that the 1:34,000 year flood might generate it is possible we do not need an auxiliary spillway. For that matter accurate calculations could perhaps result in a smaller spillway, which arguably should cost less money.

To argue that another study is just a waste of money, seems to either deny what history has proven or not fully understanding some of the issues surrounding this whole dam saga.



  1. it is the old adage: Don't confuse me with more facts, my mind is made up.

    At a previous council meeting Councillor Pratt acknowledged she doesn't understand the details, she relies on staff to tell her what to do. I thought it was suppose to be the other way around with council telling staff what should be done!

  2. Most Nanaimo taxpayers agree with her. The CDPPS is creating its own backlash by delaying construction. Being such relentless lobbyists has its price. It is becoming obvious that council and the dam committee are being manipulated by a small special interest group. This will be settled when fines are issued and jail sentences are pronounced.

  3. Unknown - Okay Don Bonner. I don't know why you think CDPPS is dictating anything. And why you think councillors are so stupid that they allow being dicated to. They have their own brains and make their own decisions.

  4. I would like to see the surveys Mr Unknown has done to make such a sweeping statement. " Most people don't know or don't care" I think that was a quote from Mr. Unknown since he repeats the same old so often. So really Im pretty sure that if the public were aware that most studies that were done were never completed, that the studies that were have already saved the tax payer in excess of 20 grand and that there is no proof via study the dams would ever overtop, and engineer reports were mostly done on a desktop rather than in the field, and if they cared they'd likely be okay with two or three more studies done to save a further possible 9 million dollars or so. However for some reason Victoria is allergic to due diligence and insists we fix what is not proved broken at great expense to ourselves and put the majority councillors in a no win position along with tax payers in this city.


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