Friday, July 03, 2015

Special COW Meeting - Nanaimo July6/15

Meeting location and agenda items change

The agenda for the SPCOW meeting on July 6 appears above and if you don't watch for the addendum you would think the meeting was being held at the SARC building and that the Colliery Dams were not on the agenda.

The fact the Colliery Dams were not on the agenda raised a flag for me, as the June 24 meeting which cancelled for lack of a quorum was supposed to be dealing with which options Council wished to proceed to remediate the dams.

I now understand that the Colliery Dams are on the agenda for Monday and the meeting will be held in the Shaw Auditorium.

Addendum publishing and delegation registration

This meeting is unusual in many respects (it was not a regularly scheduled meeting), it was also scheduled for the SARC building which does not allow for video recording of the meeting and the two items on the above agenda; Asset Management and Automation of Garbage Trucks are hardly urgent and pressing matters. The only urgent and pressing matter would be the Colliery Dams and it was not on this original agenda, but is being added by way of the addendum.

The cut-off time to appear as a delegate for this meeting is 11:00 am Friday morning, however, the addendum will not be published until Friday afternoon, meaning that many folk may only speak as a delegate if they ask council to allow them to speak as a late delegate. 

I did publish this change on Nanaimo Info Blog as soon as I was aware of it, but for anyone relying on their information from the city website, it is possible they end up at the SARC building and are unaware of the Colliery Dams on the agenda.


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