Monday, September 28, 2015

Automated Garbage Truck Decision??

Core Review Would Be Pointless
If this city council  decides to proceed with the automated garbage trucks as staff is requesting before the results of a core review are in, they might as well save the cost of the core review.

Staff is clearly trying to fast track this multi million dollar decision, and with council coming off a week at UBCM meetings, likely little real diligence has been given this decision.

This whole move is predicated on the notion the composting program (which made the failed split packer trucks necessary) is ever going to produce anything but worthless crap no gardener would ever use.

A few questions:
  • how many cities with more than one curbside container and Nanaimo's topography  are using automated trucks?
  • how many Nanaimo residents are capable of manhandling these huge containers to the curb?
  • dealing with these containers apparently has caused staff injury, what about residents injury dealing with much larger containers
It is hoped these and many more questions will be answered before Nanaimo council rushes headlong into another decision which may prove as failed as the current split packer failed experiment.



  1. The city should monitor and enforce 77 litre bags and no pet waste.

  2. What about the last in-house designed garbage trucks, which will be on the sell block now for maybe $80,000 of the $400,000 cost to build them? = $320,000 loss to taxpayers.

    This is stupid. More stupid than the fast cat ferries which were sold for a pittance of the cost to build.

    Taxpayers need to yell and scream and get this spend, spend City Hall under control.

    The Mayor and Brennan, Pratt and Thorpe seem resigned to gleefully concur with most of the spending decisions staff suggest. Let's see if they grow any balls and block this garbage one!


  3. This would be a dumb decision. What we have is working well, ignoring the fact that composting and, yes, even recycling is a big money loser. It's the bureaucracy trying to justify their existence.


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