Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Old City Quarter Building Facelift

Council approved $13,826.17 Improvement Grant
403 Fitzwilliam before facade improvement

403 Fitzwilliam after facade improvement

While the 'before' building was by no means looking tired or run down it certainly has been given a lift courtesy of a recent facade improvement grant approved by city council at the June 22 meeting.

The report presented to council authored by Diana Johnstone said the estimated cost to repaint the building and renew the awnings was $27,652.34 which meant the owner would qualify for a grant covering 50% of the total up to a maximum of $10,000 per side facing the street.

This is also an area of the old city quarter that will be benefiting from some pedestrian upgrades which will include curb extensions which provide a safer environment for pedestrians by making them more visible when they are waiting to cross the street.

The upgrades in the area also includes installing a rain garden at the southeast corner of the Fitzwilliam Street and Selby Street intersection. Rain gardens are an engineered landscape feature which is designed to absorb and filter rain water through soil layers and plantings, thereby increasing infiltration of rain water into the ground.



  1. Bring on any and all upgrades, if they translate into more business, more pedestrians, and more gardens . Seems like a win win to me, money well spent.

    1. Hey, bring money to me too!

      How ignorant. If a rich multiple property owner can afford to own so much then they can surely afford to pay for improvements to attract tenants to make lease money off of.

      Rob taxes from the low-to-mid income folk and give to the rich. BS!

  2. Give it a rest !

    we all benefit with upgrades. We, the taxpayers, are now upgrading the corners and sidewalks in the same area. Perhaps the old quarter will begin to hum again. Rich or not rich, incentives work.

    1. Thanks for helping my argument - even more tax money for upgrade work in the area. Maybe we should all line up at the trough and all get hand-outs...but gee, then no one would be paying for it all!

      Pay yourself!

  3. How do 'WE' all benefit? Upgrading the corners hasn't been proven to be a benefit to anyone except the contractors getting the work. No wonder my taxes keep going up every year with this kind of attitude. That is a commercial building, by improving it will benefit the owner, who should pick up the full tab. My neighbourhood might look nicer too if all the houses got a new paint job and perhaps new roofs............... should I expect the city to pay for that also??

  4. Not into city planning and demographics I see. It's always the money chasers (read anti taxes people) who complain about expenditures, but whine the loudest when they are inconvenienced by lack of services etc…
    upgrades beef up areas, shops benefit, thus we benefit.
    quit whining and be constructive.

    This town needs it badly


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