Wednesday, September 09, 2015

B.C. $1,000,000 Fund Syrian Refugee Support

New provincial fund to help Syrian refugee settlement

VANCOUVER – Recognizing the severity of the global humanitarian crisis in Syria, the Government of British Columbia is creating a $1-million readiness fund for Syrian refugees settling in B.C.

The fund is a one-time investment intended to complement existing provincial and federal support services for refugees. It will enhance existing provincial refugee programs and provide additional resources for private sponsors who are working to bring these refugees to B.C‎.

The Province will work with settlement agencies, community groups and private sponsors to make sure these funds are used to achieve the best outcomes for these refugees. Specifically the funds will be used for:
  • Counselling – trauma counselling through a range of psycho-social supports.
  • “Groups of Five” private sponsorship supports – A “Group of Five” is made up of private citizens who come together to sponsor a refugee. These funds will assist these private sponsors to help navigate the refugee-sponsorship process.
  • Community-level supports – help for local governments that will be settling Syrian refugees so there will be a welcoming community for these newcomers.
  • Foreign Credential Recognition – many Syrians will arrive in Canada with work experience and credentials from their home country. Funds will be available for B.C.-based professional associations to quickly and fairly review and approve their foreign credentials so they can start working in B.C.
  • Employer supports - funds to help businesses and existing immigrant settlement organizations employ, train and mentor Syrian refugees. These funds will also provide matching funds to employers who train and commit to hire a Syrian refugee.

For any questions about existing supports available for refugees or to learn more about how this fund can be used to help, community groups and private sponsors can call 1 877 952-6914.


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