Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Concerns With Council Prompts Online Petition

 Fix Nanaimo Now

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A group of local citizens, headed by the Chamber of Commerce, are taking their concerns to the public through a petition started recently on Simply titled “Fix Nanaimo Now”, the petition outlines their assessment of the conduct of Council and their output since being elected last November.

“It’s been ten months since swearing-in and we’ve watched relationships break down, discord grow, decorum reach new lows in Chambers and Councilors attacking each other online,” stated Kim Smythe, Chamber President and CEO who went on to say “There’s enough blame to go around and all should share. We are not picking favourites, we’re demanding Mayor and Council work together to fix Nanaimo now. This is a statement on behalf of the whole community”

In November 2014, voter turnout increased by 30% over 2011. The election of a new mayor and four new councilors was hoped to deliver positive outcomes in governance of the city, but the petition states that the opposite seems to be proven to be true.

Complaints include ongoing issues like 'decorum in Council Chambers, respectful behaviour among Councilors, questionable interaction with staff, a breakdown in civility within Council and members of the community. There are several questionable mileposts in governance that drive deep disappointment in the choices some voters’ made — the Conference Centre Hotel, Colliery Dams Park, and Core Review are examples.  

The petition will remain online for an open-ended period of time under the title “Fix Nanaimo Now”. Results will be forwarded to Mayor and Council in hopes it will encourage more rapid action to acknowledge the problems and reach for solutions.  



  1. Maybe, those who have been used to bending the city's ear and getting their ways just aren't getting their ways as much anymore and they're unhappy.

    Now, maybe, what's happening is there is some opposition to the past ways of doing things and senior staff and the few head-bobbers on council are being put in their place.

    I'd say the majority of the population are quite happy with all the questioning taking place this term.

    Maybe the "majority" on council now could actually save taxpayers money and axe the city budget by 20%! That's what a petition should be started for.


  2. Ditto to "Kev" comment

  3. It seems to be a shock to many not seeing the usual sheep on council. It's good to have all views represented for a change.

  4. How about a petition to impeach the mayor?


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