Monday, September 21, 2015

MY STREET - Shows Nicol St. Possibilities

 Traffic reduces to two lanes
 Food vendor selling wood fired pizzas
Two manned crosswalks facilitate pedestrians


A grassroots initiative to explore what Nicol Street might look like if it were transformed into a pedestrian friendly streetscape with retail shops, eateries and community spaces ran into some headwinds (literally) and likely did not have the hoped-for participation from food trucks.

I attended for an hour or so around noon, and while there were pedestrians on the street it wasn't what I would call brisk. One thing the event did highlight is that Nicol Street will face the same struggle with parking as the rest of downtown if it is hoped to turn the street into a commercial success.

Reducing traffic to two lanes and adding two crosswalks on Nicol Street hill created a manageable bottleneck on Sunday when traffic was light, but would create chaos dealing with regular weekday traffic.


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