Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sasha Angus Joins HYAS As CEO

Nanaimo, BC - Hyas is pleased to announce that Sasha Angus has joined the company as its CEO effective October 2nd, 2015.

“We are thrilled to have Sasha join us at Hyas," said Chris Davis, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Hyas. “Sasha’s successful background in growing start ups and proven ability to attract capital from around the globe will propel Hyas and our world-class infosec technology into a major industry player.”

“I am incredibly excited by the opportunity to join Hyas,” said Sasha Angus. “The technology and team that we are developing will truly change the face of information security for small and medium sized businesses and other consumers. Hyas technology provides better than enterprise level protection at a price that small and medium sized businesses can afford.”

“The team at Hyas has created proprietary predictive domain analysis technology that can identify threats before attacks are even launched, providing “over the horizon" protection in real time and typically 27 days before other industry players are in a position to respond,” said Chris Davis, Hyas CTO.

Angus joins Hyas Inc. from the Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation where he served as CEO of the corporation. While at the helm of the NEDC, Angus was responsible for developing and shepherding over $300 million in capital investment from international investors in Asia and North America. Prior to joining the NEDC, Angus helped launch the Greater Victoria Development Agency, served as a Chief of Staff in the Government of Alberta under Premier Ralph Klein, and worked in the capital markets for two national investment firms.



  1. Can anyone provide details of the $300 million in capital investments in Nanaimo as a result of Mr. Angus' efforts. It would be nice to know the details.

    1. I would like to second Mr. Unger's motion. Details please of Mr. Angus' Nanaimo accomplishments?

      And, what's Nanaimo's loss is Victoria's.....well, bon voyage anyway!


  2. I wonder if his resume mentioned the thousands of Nanaimo taxpayers dollars he wasted on his trip to China so he could come home and assure us that SS Manhao would definitely build a hotel here and bring in 70,000 people a year. Of course the hotel deal was a dud from square one and never appeared. But, yes, it would be interesting to see exactly what he claims to have accomplished here.

  3. His resume does indeed mention that. It also mentions the Tilray deal that created a 100+ jobs and hundreds of thousands in property taxes. It also mentions the fast ferry deal still in the works, and several other impressive attempts to move this city into the 21st century. Which is why I hired him. So Mr. Watcher, all I can say to you is.. the NEDC is looking for a CEO feel free to put your hat in the ring and open yourself to public and anonymous internet criticism.

  4. Mr. Davis. I chose the name Watcher from a posted list because most other contributors used Anonymous. Since I am new to this format I thought that was the norm. And now it appears I can’t get rid of it.
    However, FYI my name is Joe Ives, I’m retired and spend my days volunteering, after a lifetime of serving on and chairing boards, chambers, councils and endless committees as well as co-publishing an award winning community newspaper for 23 years.
    Nanaimo has a less than stellar record of importing outsiders to work the various groups operating out of the downtown area on taxpayers’ dollars. To have one such person suddenly announce he has been responsible for “$300 million in capital investment from international investors in Asia and North America” for Nanaimo naturally piques my curiosity.
    Perhaps you could post this information in detail so we could examine it.
    One benefit of being a former news type is that the urge to question any and all statements never goes away. I look forward to your list and financial figures broken down by successful projects.
    As for your suggestion that I for apply for the NEDC position: 40 years ago I would have jumped at the chance. Nanaimo has a great future and someday someone will come along to show the way. Unfortunately it hasn’t happened yet.


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