Thursday, February 04, 2016

Committees & Commissions Recessed For Core Review

City temporarily recesses Committees and Commissions 
during Core Services Review

With the Core Services Review underway and with recommendations from the review's findings due in early May, Council has determined that meetings scheduled for some of the City's Committees and Commissions will be temporarily recessed until the review is completed. 

This decision is intended to focus the City's attention and resources on the business of effectively completing the Core Services Review during the slated three-month time line.  Of the City's 13 Committees and Commissions, the following eight are impacted.

* Advisory  Committee on Environmental Sustainability
* Grants Advisory Committee
* Nanaimo Culture and Heritage Commission
* Parks and Recreation Commission
* Planning and Transportation Advisory Committee
* Red/Green Tape Committee (has not commenced)
* Safer Nanaimo Advisory Committee
* Social Planning Advisory Committee

During the three-month recess, Committee and Commission business will be addressed as follows: Directors will be responsible for day-to-day issues; the City Manager will address overall operational issues; and Council's direction will be sought on big picture policy and operational decisions.

Committee and Commission members have been encouraged to contact City staff or appear before Council if they wish to raise or discuss Committee and Commission matters during this upcoming three-month period.

"In February 2015, Council made a number of changes to the Committee and Commission structures, including direction that the Committee and Commission structures would be considered as part of the Core Services Review.  This week's decision to recess eight of the 13 Committees and Commissions supports Council’s direction from early 2015 and prioritizes focusing resources and time on the objectives of the Core Services Review."  -  Toby Seward City of Nanaimo


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  1. Seems that community involvement is giving way to bureaucratic centralization. Why would Safer Nanaimo Committee be suspended Special interests have successfully removed Protective Services from Core Services Review.


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