Monday, February 29, 2016

RCMP Warn Of Bank Examiner Scam

Public warned of Bank examiner and Credit card scam

The Nanaimo RCMP wishes to advise the public of a scam that is currently active throughout Ontario and Manitoba. Due to the fluidity of crimes, there is no reason to think this scam could not surface in British Columbia or in Nanaimo.

The scam involves seniors being contacted by phone advising them that their assistance is required to catch a bank employee who has "been stealing money". The victim is instructed to go to their bank and make a cash withdrawal .The victim is then told to not tell the bank teller what they are doing because the teller may be involved. The victim is instructed to place the cash in an envelope and meet the "the investigator" in a nearby parking lot where the cash is then turned over. If successful the investigator attempts a further request, to request funds to ensure the investigation is a success. In one occasion, the "investigator" also asked if the senior had any cash at home because the employee had been handing out counterfeit money. In this particular incident, the senior turned over $6000 in cash from their residence which the "investigator" confirmed was counterfeit by looking at the serial numbers.

In 2015 alone, over 40 complaints have been received by the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre involving 25 victims reporting a loss of $235,000.

The credit card scam involves suspects pretending to be employees with either MasterCard, Visa or a bank, who advise that there has been an unauthorized purchase on the victim’s credit card or debit card, often through E-Bay. The suspect then asks the victim to confirm their credit card and other personal information in order for them to reverse the charge. In some cases, the victims were asked to give the suspect remote access to their computer. In doing so , the suspects are able to access their online banking or help the victim create one. Funds are then moved from their savings into their chequing account to make it look like the police or the bank "gave them money to help catch the hackers. The money is then withdrawn from their account, with the amount ranging from a couple hundred of dollars to several thousand. The suspects have been calling on various numbers; one of which was 909-585-1400

To learn more about the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre, check out their website .


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