Monday, February 15, 2016

Winds Of Change Blowing At City Council?


As readers of this pathetic blog will know, city hall and city council have been a main focus of mine for the past 7 years or so. There is no point going over the many costly and questionable uses that Nanaimo tax dollars have been put to by past councils and city hall management during that time.

I was beginning to wonder if we had really made any changes with the new council we elected in 2014 after watching the performance for most of the first year the new leadership was at the helm. The biggest disappointment was the complete flip flop on the waste of money being spent to solve an unproven problem at Colliery Dams Park.

It seemed that time and again the majority wishes of this new council were subverted by the Mayor and senior city management. As a testimony we now have a monstrous monument being constructed in Colliery Dams Park that should cause every Nanaimo taxpayer to scream. 

Some positive changes seem apparent around the council table

With the replacement of the previous city manager by interim manager Ms Samra there seems to be a greater sense of harmony and co-operation evident when watching how city business is now being conducted.

Samra has been able to bring in a 0% budget and get the Core Services Review process rolling in her short time at the helm. This is something that two previous council's were unable to do anything other than talk about. I remember, several Councillors seemed to think a strategic plan and core services review served the same process. Gladly, that mindset is no longer in charge of how our tax dollars are being spent.

Anyone who watched the Feb.15 council meeting can't help but notice a harmony that is both refreshing and quite noticeable. Whether the absence of Mayor McKay and Councillor Brennan have any part to play in the improved atmosphere I will leave to others to speculate.



  1. I think with the appointment of the new CAO, coupled with the majority of council being listened to, we are finally getting the change we voted in at the last election.

    Amazing what happens when the negative and their minions is absent!

  2. Concur with your piece. With the mayor and other female councillor away, it looked live almost a love-in. I was, and I say this with a straight face, thinking a chorus of Kumbaya could break out at any moment.

    Near the beginning of the meeting it was a pleasure to see Acting Mayor Kipp (who did a better and more relaxing job in the centre chair that the full-time guy) and Coun. Pratt seemingly giddy to each other, and no longer wanting to take each other's head off.

    It is really amazing to see what can nicely happen when a couple are away. I now know what the problem(s) have been all along.



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