Thursday, February 04, 2016

Nanaimo Contractor Thwarts Would-be Thieves

Alarmed Storage Container

An alarmed storage container was enough to deter late night thieves from making off with a local contractor’s tools. At approximately 3:30 am on Wednesday February 3, an attempted theft occurred at a construction site on Kaz Court. When police arrived the only thing missing was the lock to the storage container; all tools were accounted for.

The storage container was rigged with an audible alarm thus preventing the theft from occurring. The owner of the storage container, Chris MITCHELL , a local building contractor, experienced firsthand the impact thieves can have on his livelihood. In 2012 his tools were stored in a similar container but it was not secured. When he arrived at  work the next day, the container was empty and gone were 10,000 dollars in tools. This effectively put his ten employees out of work until the tools could be replaced.

MITCHELL had enough and decided to purchase an alarm for his container. Now, when he leaves the job site, he rests easy knowing if the door is opened, an alarm sounds. MITCHELL even went a step further and installed an infra-red camera. When the door opens, the  camera snaps a picture and even sends a text to his phone with the picture attached.

The Nanaimo RCMP encourages all building contractors to consider installing similar devices. The cost of purchasing and installing this equipment is significantly less than the replacement cost of new tools.


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