Friday, August 14, 2015

Jobs Are Available In Nanaimo

A recent check of the Work BC website and the Government of Canada Job Bank website have job postings ranging from 240 on the Work BC site to 270 listings on the Canada Job Bank site. On the kijiji free classified website they show over 500 listings under 'jobs', however not all of those postings are offering jobs, but some are people looking for jobs.

I presume many of these jobs are cross posted but if you consider many jobs are not listed on either website it is likely safe to say as many as 500 jobs could be open in Nanaimo. How many of those jobs are part time and paying more than minimum is not easily known either, but there were some jobs advertising wages in the $20/hr. range and many in minimum to mid-teen range. Restaurant help seemed to have many openings, which is consistent with recent reports of restaurants having difficulty filling openings, especially in their kitchens. Local construction activity is also seeing a variety of openings across all of the building trades. Presumably, much of that talent has left Nanaimo for the greener job pastures in Alberta.


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