Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Nanaimo Reservoir - 40% Capacity By Nov. 1

Jump Lake reservoir Photo credit: City of Nanaimo
If current 'draw down' rate continues

While not yet cause for serious concern the current drought means water levels by Nov.1 could be 10% - 20% below typical levels at the Jump Lake reservoir.

This reservoir tends to fill back up quickly when the anticipated 'pineapple express' rolls through which some weather forecasters say will happen with the expected effects of El Nino this winter. 

More water released into the Nanaimo River than consumed by Nanaimo

As part of Nanaimo city's water licence we are responsible for maintaining the fish habitat in the Nanaimo River. To that end during the low flow season from July 1 through to Sept. 30 as many as 60 million litres per day are released into the river. That compares with the 48 million litres being used by Nanaimo residents.

However you look at it having an abundant water supply is absolutely crucial to having a community we all can live in. A possible shortage of water in Nanaimo is something only a few years ago would have been considered unthinkable.

In an ironic twist, by cutting back on our own water consumption we have reduced anticipated revenues into city coffers by nearly one million dollars this year. That million dollars of course will have to be made up by all of us, who will be consuming even less and paying even more as we go forward.


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  1. The other consideration is as the drawdown occurs - is the last 10-20% even usable? As the volume of storage continues are the impurities becoming more concentrated and the water more turbid? As storage volume drops, does that increase the temperature of the water? If yes, does that accelerate the problems with algae, concentrate feces and subsequent bacteria growth?

    Sounds of Star trek, ' going where no man has gone before'..


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