Sunday, August 16, 2015

Terminal/Nicol Streetscape Steering Committee

Council to ratify appointments to Steering Committee
Terminal/Nicol St. Streetscape

At the Aug. 17 city council meeting council will be asked to amend the terms of reference for this committee and ratify appointments to the committee.

Individuals to be appointed to the committee include:

  • Mr. Darren Moss, DNBIA
  • Mayor McKay, City Council
  • One seat reserved for SFN
  • Mr, Mike Davidson, Nanaimo Port Authority
  • Mr.. Sean Herold, Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce
  • Mr. Doug Kalcsics, NEDC
  • Ms Pamela James/Ms Sydney Robertson SECA
  • Mr, Keith Brown, Member-At-Large
  • Mr. Ian Thompson Member-At-Large
  • Ms Leanna Plug, Member-At-Large

The area the committee will study are properties adjacent to Terminal Avenue and Nicol Street. The southern boundary aligns with South Street and the northern boundary is the Pearson Bridge.

The current streetscape along this corridor is not inviting to pedestrians or cyclists and could better support adjacent businesses. The first phase of the streetscape project will be to identify public priorities which may include improved sidewalks, street trees, lighting, bicycles, lane modifications, traffic calming, on-street parking and other opportunities.

$100,000 Study Includes City-wide public process

The study will require the services of a public engagement consultant and a traffic engineering consultant. DNBIA will oversee the project and manage the consultant contract.

The objectives of the steering committee will be to facilitate two public feedback sessions and based on that feedback develop a concept level streetscape for the Corridor which supports the goals of existing planning.

After discussions with appropriate partners a multi stage action plan will be developed. A complete report will be presented to Council outlining next steps. The schedule for the entire project is to see completion by April 2016.

Funding for the project consists of $50,000 from City of Nanaimo, $35,000 from DNBIA and $15,000 from the NEDC.

Terminal Ave.looking north from Bastion St. bridge
Terminal Avenue looking south from Bastion St. bridge



  1. So what this really means is that City taxpayers are paying $82,500 as the DNBIA gets half its money from taxpayers and NEDC gets all of theirs from the same source. Is this another example of capitalism for the poor and socialism for the rich??

  2. The DNBIA gets "the other half" of its money from the taxes in charges downtown commercial property owners.

    So the outfit is, like the NEDC, an arms-length outfit of the city, getting all our tax money, but cannot be questioned.


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