Monday, August 24, 2015

Nanaimo Water Reservoir 70% Full

Jump Lake reservoir Photo credit: City of Nanaimo
Jump Lake as of August 6/15

The above photo comes from the city of Nanaimo website and is dated August 6 of this year. On the city website page devoted to Watering Restrictions it is reported that weekly water consumption for Nanaimo has averaged 48 million litres per day for the week. Which week is not clear. It also is reported that normal consumption for this time of year would be 60 million litres per day, so clearly Nanaimo residents have drastically reduced their usage.

It is reported that Jump Lake Reservoir is currently 70% full and has a capacity of 4.1 billion gallons. Given that the reservoir is 70% full this would mean we have 2.87 billion gallons in reserve at this point.

I have asked Mr. B. Sims at the current level of consumption which is 336,000,000 litres per week, at what point is our water supply considered serious if it is not replenished?


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