Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Toronto Named World's Most Livable City

Riverdale Park East

Architecture magazine METROPOLIS has named Toronto ahead of Tokyo and Helsinki as the world's most livable city. The conclusions are based on the variety of facets that contribure to the overall quality of life which includes housing, amenities, connectivity etc. They identify cities excelling in areas such as smart infrastructure, walkability and preservation.

While I don't doubt any of us fortunate enough to be living on the west coast would take issue with the magazine's findings, for example they don't seem to factor in snow shovelling as a negative it is hard to argue with some of the areas identified which show what a power house Hogtown is in terms of it's economy etc.

Population: within 15 years it will grow to more than 3.000.000. Metro Toronto population is now over 6,000,000.

Job Opportunity: The last ten years have seen double-digit job growth in the downtown core.

Investment: In 2014 city council approved over $20 Billion in development.

Preservation: Ontario's Greenbelt a 1.8 million acre swath of protected farmland and green space encourages high-density, high-rise development in the capital. 


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