Thursday, August 06, 2015

Nanaimo Daily News Cuts Monday Edition

As of Monday August 10, the Nanaimo Daily News will be eliminating it's Monday edition effectively cutting 52 publishing days per year from their schedule. A notice in the Thursday issue advises "the print schedule will be streamlined to exclude Monday publications".

Prepaid subscribers will have their subscription period extended to reflect the change in frequency. There is no mention of how their monthly fee for their digital version will be reduced to reflect the 16% reduction in frequency.

Newspapers everywhere have been morphing and trying to survive in a changing world where 'news' is available in great quantity and variety on the Internet. Some might argue that the fourth estate has slowly given up it's role in society as it has been moulded by the economic realities of the day.

Whether the Nanaimo Daily News will change it's name to reflect they are not in fact 'daily' remains to be seen. For several months now Black Press has dominated the Nanaimo print field having purchased the Daily News from Glacier Press and making it their second paper in Nanaimo as they already owned the Bulletin.



  1. Yeah I like it: "The Nanaimo ALMOST Daily News"
    Cliff Marcil

  2. Jim, You won't have to worry about one day of "littering" on your street now!


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