Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Little Wildlife Drama At The Feeder

 Mr. Blackbird is not a squirrel fan
He dive bombed this squirrel until it finally left

Brewer's Blackbird attacks black squirrel

We have at least one family of Brewer's Blackbirds making nearly continuous feeding runs from our back porch feeder. The male and female come in one after another, pick up some food for their brood and off they go to return in a few moments.

This afternoon, apparently a neighbourhood black squirrel thought she had found the mother lode and was chowing down when Mr. Blackbird took serious exception to her presence.

It was the noise as the Blackbird dove at the squirrel squawking out his displeasure that caught my attention. The squirrel finally left the feeder and I watched as the Blackbird pursued it and continued the assault even once the squirrel was well away from the feeder.

I don't think those little rats with cute coats are very popular with the local bird population as I understand that eggs and baby birds are also on the menu for squirrels.


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