Tuesday, May 31, 2016

City Policy Removes Cemetery Monuments

Nanaimo Cemetery

Photos: screengrabs from City website

Local citizen Mr. Patrick Squire drew city council's attention to a most disturbing practice that has been going on at Nanaimo Cemetery for decades.

In his heartfelt presentation to council, Mr. Squire said that on Mother's Day he had attended the cemetery and that a small planting he had between headstones had been removed leaving the bare earth. This, said Mr. Squire is just a symptom of a far larger problem which has been practised by the city and has gone completely unnoticed.

The above photographs show several grave markers that had been removed and simply cast off as garbage hidden in a pile of overgrown blackberry bushes. In addition to the markers shown above, Mr. Squire claims there are literally tons of cast off markers and edging stones in the city lots adjacent to the cemetery.

This presentation was the first city council was made aware of the problem and while all were disturbed by the practice they wished to hear from city staff as to what has led to this practice in past years. All councillors were in agreement that something had to be done immediately to rectify what is a very disturbing and damning practice that should never have been tolerated.

Mr. Squire rightly said that those who have gone before and their memorials should not be treated like garbage and that something respectful needs being done with the markers.

If the stones for whatever reason had to be removed, they should be stored properly someplace with the respect they are due.

Mr. Squire closed by saying that no one here is responsible for what has happened but we can all now be part of the solution.

Mr. Mema, relaying a comment from the city CAO said this was a matter that staff could, and would deal with immediately indicating that it would be done without the need for a council motion. However, council did pass a motion to see the matter was dealt with immediately.

Note: you can listen to Mr. Squires presentation by visiting the city website HERE and clicking on the 05:56PM link under the video player.


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  1. There's a much MUCH BIGGER problem here - why have these headstones been left in this deplorable condition for decades???

    Who in the City of Nanaimo has been asleep at their post? Whomever is, needs to be fired for such disrespect to our departed mothers, fathers, children.


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