Thursday, May 19, 2016

Politics Just Gets Curiouser and Curiouser

This Huff Post article reports on the incident when it appears our PM was acting like the headmaster taking charge of fighting kids in the playground. (Not actually far from the truth). An action for which he apologized and the opposition is making hay from. In true, Trudeau fashion, this will probably up his approval ratings over all. Trudeau's as we all know can do little wrong.

Much gentler than a previous scrapper we had as a PM a few years back, remember, the little tough guy from Shawinigan??



  1. Perhaps the gaggle of NDPer's should have gotten out of the way.
    I often wonder how anything gets done in that phoney baloney chamber.

    Get a load of the feigned shock, and 'emotional' strain of the 'elbowed one'
    We should welcome her to the Sarah Bernhardt school of thespians :-)

  2. A gang was loitering and preventing the Opposition guy from getting by and taking his seat, there needed to be someone to break up the group of, what they seemed like, "idiots."

    Then, the NDP woman goes into a song and dance number, yes right out of acting school, and pretends she's been beat up. Give me a break Drama Schooler! Did she go to hospital for X-rays, did paramedics attend?

    I didn't vote for the Libs., but Trudeau has my blessing for getting pissed and trying to get the place doing some business!!!


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