Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Public Art Around Nanaimo 2016

Public Art Week In Nanaimo May 16 - 20

This year the city will be installing nine new pieces of public art at different locations around the city. The pieces are created by artists from near and far and are on display for one year as a temporary piece of art to be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

A few 'temporary' pieces have found permanent homes in Maffeo Sutton Park, most notably the golden picture frame and the over-sized crab by the fishing pier. The metal Orca in the plaza area leading into the park is also another permanent, temporary piece of art.

The following are five of this year's pieces I took pictures of yesterday, and as yet there are no plaques installed with the names of the artists or the pieces. I am not going to say exactly where they are, so you will have to do a bit of exploring on your own to discover them for yourself.

I think you will agree that they all add points of interest that are pleasing to young and old alike.



  1. Whilst I would not call all the pieces "pleasing", I moreso wonder why we are taking up so much park (trees, grass, nature) by plunking all this stuff in so many places. Don't we stroll parks for a relaxing return to "nature"?

  2. Heh the art work is minimal. May I direct your attention to the incessant amplified bands we have playing all summer long, and every weekend, in our 'jewel' of a waterfront park. You have a cause ? you got t-shirts made up ? truckload of big speakers ? Just ask the city, and you can set up in our waterfront park with minimum bylaw restrictions.

    I applaud the artwork, its silence lends itself to a "relaxing return to nature". The plethora of boring noisy festivals, not so much :-(


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