Sunday, May 22, 2016

Heritage Parade 2016 Pictures

 Firetruck always leads off the parade
 A reminder of things to come
 Marching in step is not as easy as they make it look
 Every parade needs a marching band
 Flashy sports cars - always a crowd pleaser
Do not attempt this at home - they're professionals



  1. Boring, and second rate-----scrap it-----waste of energy :-(

  2. amalgamate all our small under attended parades into one big one, on Bathtub races day. It's a no brainer ! We are a mid sized town, with just enough energy etc.. to put on one major parade---not 3 or 4 small half-arsed ones.

    Let 's do it right next year----a bash on bathtub days, full- on parade, with bands, floats and all the trappings---kid stuff, food trucks….you name it----then fireworks that night.

    maybe we can make ourselves proud
    Now that I could get behind easily :-)

  3. ps I forgot to mention, as well. we are now very very well known for our Nanaimo bars. So how about we capitalize on that around the same time.

    maybe a 'choose the best nanaimo bar, with a prize for the winner'. A 'sweet' festival in town. One that 'out-of-towners' would readily recognize.

    Nanaimo bars have made it through all the noise , and we are literally known internationally, for our confection.

    As far as I can see, we aren't taking advantage of that at all, aside from a cafe crawl.


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