Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Councillor Brennan Responds To Accusations

Screen shot Councillor Brennan's Facebook post

Councillor Brennan Denies CAO's accusation

As stated in the above posting taken from a social media site, Councillor Brennan is clearly stating she has never asked that Ms Samra be fired, nor has she ever asked her to quit.

She further claims she did not breach confidentiality by (I presume) releasing in-camera information that was published on social media with regards Samra's hiring.

While she does make reference to her 'crime' as being questioning the wisdom of hiring former Daily News editor, it should be noted Ms Samra made no mention of this matter.


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  1. Leslie Barclay18 May 2016 at 21:23

    It is absolutely astonishing that anyone on council could claim to be "blind sided and dumbstruck" by the CAO's comments. But then this is the same person who claimed innocence about using social media to get her supporters to vote for her on voting day when that was against the law. I hope the "special open meeting" (a.k.a. "in camera" a.k.a. "closed meeting" minutes will one day reveal the guilt. Might be wrong though. Who knows. That's the problem with closed meetings in a democracy.


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