Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Auxiliary Spillway Colliery Dams Park

 Anyone else think the trees looked better in that spot?
 This is one colossal monument to political determination
 This should get all that flood water downstream much faster
 Been doing the job for 100+ years
In over 100 years this has been able to handle the 'floods'

Multi-million dollar disaster-avoidance measure? or ..
Colossal waste of tax dollars and 
a monument to bureaucratic determination?

Finally had the opportunity the other day to take a look at a few more million tax dollars at work in Colliery Dams Park. The first thought I had was to wonder what kind of crowd-drawing, tourist-attracting feature we could have put in this park with the millions we spent on this 'over-designed' ditch.

The final numbers are not in, but when the whole Colliery Dams Debacle is finally tallied I would not expect much change from ten million or so.

To recap, it never was determined that the dam would ever overtop, or if it did the soil on the downstream bank would erode away, or if the dam would not simply continue to stand all on it's own. In short, it was never proven that the spillway was required at all. The other thing it does not address is the fact that now flood waters can get downstream just a bit faster than before, and whether there is any downside to that possibility.

Some day it would be nice to erect a monument with all the names of senior city staff and members of council who have contributed to this over-designed ditch.

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  1. When it comes to stupidly spending tax money - there's nothing like government!


  2. Al C T Thompson25 May 2016 at 23:11

    The ditch is a waste , yet all 9 council members voted for it at a in camera meeting, and they won't show us the video, to me that means it was done as payback, I can't believe all 9 would fold yet they did..


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