Saturday, May 21, 2016

Nanaimo Marketed As Winter Wonderland in MAY!!

 Cruise May 2017

"See the Harbour City covered in a blanket of white snowfall."

Yup, that's right, a cruise scheduled for May of 2017 invites folk to visit Nanaimo covered in a blanket of white snowfall ---- in MAY!!

The above screenshot is taken from the Royal Caribbean website promoting a 4 Night, BEST OF BRITISH COLUMBIA CRUISE. The cruise costing $845.00 Cdn per person can be booked now for the May 15 2017 cruise.

I am clearly no tourist marketing guru such as those employed by the Nanaimo Port Authority, or Tourism Nanaimo but I wonder if that is really the image we want portrayed far and wide throughout the cruise ship industry? 

Visit the Harbour City and enjoy a Nanaimo bar and hot cocoa while you walk in a winter wonderland in May! Get your tickets now .............


The same 4 night cruise visits Victoria, the very next day where they can - stroll the lush gardens and learn why Victoria earned the name "The City of Gardens".

I am beginning to wonder if the reason Victoria has 220+ cruise ships per season while we may get 5 or 6 in a good year hasn't got something to do with how we are presenting ourselves in the cruise ship world?

Perhaps Nanaimo has a WHOLE lot to learn from our friends to the south when it comes to marketing to the tourist trade we claim to be so desperately chasing.



  1. I knew the Americans were right! - We all live in igloos north of the 49th....except where there's a huge climate change from Nanaimo to arriving in Victoria the very next day!


  2. a photo of our harbour, and perhaps the bastion would be much better

    perhaps our tourist association should get on it, and spread some photos around to the cruise lines that plan on visiting us.


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