Tuesday, May 24, 2016

China Steps - Improvement Coming Soon?

How long before this area is cleaned up?

The fire which tore through the Jean Burns building on March 30 has left an ugly scar on the downtown landscape and has done nothing to enhance the 'China Steps'. The China Steps is a landmark shown on the information map which would have been given out to visitors on the recent cruise ships coming to our fair city.

No one would expect this building to be taken down within two months of the fire as I am sure engineers and insurance adjusters and the like have to decide on the course forward.

However, Nanaimo does have some strict bylaws which I have seen enforced when it comes to dealing with fire damaged residences. They are either dealt with, or the city deals with it and charges the property owner.

Different rules for derelict commercial property??

If the old Jean Burns building follows a typical Nanaimo course, we will likely be looking at a burnt out shell of a building well into the future. Downtown Nanaimo does host several derelict buildings or stalled commercial projects that do nothing to enhance the downtown ambiance.

The big hole in the ground on the site of the 'Hilton' project has been like that since 2008. The 'Barney' building, while now sporting a new coat of paint occupies some prime downtown real estate as well.

When might we expect the city to consider applying a bit of monetary pressure on some of the owners of these derelict building to perhaps spur them on. That said, one of the first derelict buildings they might want to do something with is the old city hall annex, they gave away for $2 and the current 'owner' is still paying no taxes.

The Nanaimo-Way???



  1. Don't forget altering the public deal as announced in secret without consultation or notice. Openess and transparency promises by this Council are a joke.

    1. You would be talking about the city giveaway of the old city annex for a buck, or was it two.

  2. I am sure there will be more open houses and studies via govt, our tax money first.
    When I read the Bulletin all I see are happy stories �� about the city spending and spending and how happy the recipients are. Duh, why wouldn't they. The alleged newspaper does not even run the other side of such stories...too much tax money is being given away and should not.


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