Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Soil Stabilization Project Displaces 'Campers'

In the interests of public safety the Province recently stabilized the soil under the Pearson Bridge by covering the entire area with large rock. The rock looks like the material that has been blasted and removed to make way for road work. Needless to say, it does not provide a very comfortable area for camping regardless of how thick your bedroll happens to be.

I presume the amount of water and wind erosion this area is subject to and the potential to destabilize the footings for the Pearson bridge prompted the action on the part of the Province.

I wonder if the Province is considering the need for ground stabilization on the grounds of the courthouse down in Victoria?



  1. Ground stabilization my prosterior.... Is there an Engineer's report to back up the claim that this ground needed stabilization? (On second though never mind I know that these kinds of reports are easily obtained by governments going by what happened at Colliery Dams) What's next, beds of nails in the local park?
    Cliff Marcil

    1. I'm not sure what a "prosterior" is, but I think this is a great solution. You're in favour of a Victoria-like tent city under the bridge? Well I'm not, and neither are most of the citizens of Nanaimo. If you choose a lifestyle that ensures and facilitates living in a tent, go to a campground.

      I'm not going to get into a debate over homelessness and the root causes. There are a multitude of free resources available if people truly want to commit their energies to improving their health and their lot in life.

  2. I would like to commend the provincial government for their work on the south slope under the Pearson bridge but see they have only half-completed the project. Ground stabilization work still needs to be done on the north slope as well.



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