Thursday, May 26, 2016

Core Services Review - Draft Review May 27/16

Core Services Review
 final report to be released soon

Draft copies of the City of Nanaimo's Core Services Review Final Report will be made available during two upcoming presentations.  On Friday, May 27 at 1pm, members of the public and media are invited to attend a meeting in the Boardroom of the Service and Resource Centre where the core review consulting team, WMC, will provide Council with a summary overview of the draft final report. 

 A second presentation will take place during the upcoming Monday night Committee of the Whole meeting when the final version of the report will appear before Council as a late item on the agenda.

 Members of the community or media who are interested in the Core Services Review are invited to attend either the scheduled meeting on May 27 or the upcoming Committee of the Whole meeting on May 30th.

 A draft copy of the Core Services Review final report will be available to read on the City website Friday afternoon.

"Staff and Council are looking forward to receiving the report from WMC and sharing it with the residents of Nanaimo.  A considerable amount of time and work has been allocated getting us to this point.  I wish to thank everyone for their participation and input throughout the process."  -  Tracy Samra CAO City of Nanaimo



  1. Looking forward to seeing the millions to be saved in this $250k consultant report

  2. Looking forward to it. Hopefully it will say all those high level staffers jumping ship are doing so because of screw ups and that they are being paid way too much.


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