Monday, May 09, 2016

Speaking Of Bad Nanaimo Intersections

Design looked good on the blueprint
is accident just waiting to happen

While this convergence of traffic is not an intersection of identifiable highways it is the intersection of two shopping areas not far from an intersection sporting a really bad blind spot.

The blind spot is created by a rise in the road combined with a heavily planted median that hides cars until they are split seconds away from you.

At this 'intersection' cars are coming from the Rexall store, the plaza across the street which has the Tim Hortons combined with traffic coming from Bowen Rd. onto Dufferin and traffic coming along Dufferin headed toward Bowen.

In the short time I was there taking these pictures there was a never-ending flow of traffic coming from all directions. Traffic coming onto Dufferin creating a traffic-ballet to rival the shopping cart-ballet at Costco.

If you are trying to enter from the Rexall side you can look to your left, and see nothing coming and in a split second a car will appear from behind the shrubbery and in another second be on top of you.

All clear?
A split second later
I have not been able to find the crash stats for this spot, but I am sure it will be a steady source of customers for our local auto body shops.



  1. There NEEDS TO BE a study!

    I have just the family member to hire for ONE MILLION DOLLARS$$$ !!!

    (Now where is that old report from somewhere else I can just change a few names?)

  2. Maybe the Parks Dept. can cut down the shrubs in the middle of the median so cars can be seen coming around the bend. They were quick to act for that little piece of land off Townsite with the overgrown foliage.

  3. There are lots of places around town where vegetation needs a hair cut ... both private and public lands.


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