Monday, July 25, 2016

An Important Safety Message --- Pay Attention

While this originally comes from the UK the warning applies everywhere

One sunny summer Sunday when I worked for the Fire Service in Shropshire I attended a road traffic accident involving two young occupants of a saloon car that had been involved in a collision. The young female passenger was seriously hurt with life changing injuries when the passenger airbag deployed while she had her feet up on the dashboard. 

Every day during this warm weather and in my 60,000 miles a year in my business I see at least one vehicle occupant with their feet on the dashboard and I wonder if they realise the dangers?

Could I ask please that you [Share] this post, copy and paste the image for your own social media use or show it to anyone you know does this? Airbags deploy with 'massive' force at surprisingly low speeds and the sight I saw that day will stay with me forever!
(Image posed by models)


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