Saturday, July 16, 2016

Dale Schulz - NANAIMO 'As he sees it' - July 14/16

Lifelong Nanaimo resident, professional artist and illustrator Dale Schulz 'sees' much of Nanaimo many of us simply walk by without giving a second thought.

Through the eyes of an artist the everyday can become almost magical and with a few simple photos of his daily walks, Dale captures and shares some of that magic on his Facebook page.

The following is the most recent example of what Dale sees when he walks about our lovely seaside community many of us just take for granted.

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Dale's Post - July 14/16

Another walk downtown today - and 10 photos to share! Today I was learning the controls of this camera and learned a lot! I can now access all kind of options and controls - navigating through the different menus is much easier after looking at the manual last night!
We walked downtown through the South End - on the way I shot a detail of an old fire hydrant on Connaught Avenue; a couple shots of wilted flowers on Needham Street, and a half-barrel and stairs on Esplanade beside the Scuba shop - that used to be CHUB Radio.
Next stop was at That 50's Barber for a great haircut from my friend Dave. Sorry - no pix.
On Commercial Street we stopped for a visit with Tim Lander again - this time I took a photo of his little old dog 'Doggy'.
After having coffee on the waterfront I snapped yet another photo of 'The Sails' - this time with the 'Lighthouse Pub' building in the background. At Maffeo Sutton Park I took a close-up of some favourite flowers.
We walked up the hill at Georgia Park and I shot the front of a favourite building - one that I shoot the back of often - this was most recently an Auto Body Shop. (on Front Street)
Where Cahpel Street Meets Church Street I shot a detail of the Great National Land building and I caught the shot of the bee on Dandelion on 4th Street.
THAT is when the battery in the camera ran out of charge and so ended my shooting for today's walk.
By the way - On today's walk I actually shot 86 photos. Thanks goodness I only post the 'short list'.


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