Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Clean Nanaimo Starts At Home

Property maintenance key 
to an enjoyable community

Individual homeowners and businesses all have a role to play in helping Nanaimo look its best.  By observing the following requirements outlined in the City's Property Maintenance Bylaw, challenges associated with poor property maintenance can be avoided.

No owner or occupier of real property or their agents shall:

* allow a property to become or remain unsightly by the accumulation of filth, discarded materials or rubbish that become or remain unsightly.
* allow brush, trees, noxious weeds or other growths to become or remain unsightly.
* allow property to be infested by caterpillars and other noxious or destructive insects.
* place graffiti on walls, fences or elsewhere on or adjacent to a public place.
* cause or permit water, rubbish or noxious, offensive or unwholesome matter to collect or accumulate around lands or buildings owned or occupied by them.
* throw bottles, broken glass or other rubbish in any open place.
* cause or permit rubbish to overflow from or accumulate around any container.

Residents are encouraged to keep properties clean and free of discarded debris.The City of Nanaimo reacts to concerns regarding poor property maintenance on a complaint basis.


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