Friday, March 04, 2016

Colliery Dam Auxiliary Spillway - $$$ ???

Millions of tax dollars 
down the 'ditch'?

That auxiliary spillway which simply HAD to be completed by last November, according to Mr. Davidson of the Dam Safety Branch is still not substaintially complete. Remember it was the threat of the provinces big hammer, that Mr. Swabey and Mayor McKay used to justify ramming this project through without taking time for proper study.

We now realize that at the very least we will have burned through $5 million which includes over $1 million in engineering fees for what has been called a 'ditch'.

There have been more stomach turning revelations coming out of city hall recently as to just how badly this project has likely been managed, or mismanaged if you prefer.

The absolute mind numbing fact about this whole escapade, initiated under Mr. Kenning's watch, is that this will simply deliver the same volume of water downstream, but now from two different sources.

And that, dear Nanaimo taxpayers is how a bunch of bureaucrats with too much power, and likely too much time on their hands can figure out how to spend money on an unproven problem.

Why keep harping on this monstrous waste??  "Those who don't learn from history, are doomed to repeat it".


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  1. It seems the thinking is - We need to keep staff working, even if things are a make-work project. It's taxpayers money and there's always more where that comes from!



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