Monday, March 21, 2016

Herring Running At Piper's Lagoon Park

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 Sunshine, flat water, herring fish boats galore, sea lions, gulls ...... draws a crowd
 Hoping to add herring to tonight's menu
 Gulls zero in when nets haul the ocean's bounty
Nets deliver herring headed to the packing plant

The other day was as near perfect as it can be, regardless of the time of year. Clear skies, dead flat seas and an abundant run of herring all along the shore from Hammond Bay to Departure Bay.

The noisy sea lions were barking just off shore, they did seem to have little interest in feeding, I presume they had already gorged themselves on the herring which had turned the water near turquoise with milt.

While there was lots of activity off Piper's Park where these few pictures were taken, there did seem to be more action at the entrance to Departure Bay, where there was a heavy concentration of fish boats.

Apparently this year up by Denman there has been a record, or near record catch of herring this year. My wife was talking to an older native gentleman up there last week who was of the opinion that the herring fishery should be closed for several years. It was his opinion that the size of the fish being taken indicated the stocks needed a few years rest so they could increase in size.


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