Saturday, March 05, 2016

Tracy Samra Hired As Nanaimo's CAO

Interim City Manager Hired As CAO

There has not been the official press release you might expect from city hall to announce the hiring of a permanent CAO for the city of Nanaimo.

The first word came on a Facebook posting by Ms Samra, and today there is a short announcement in the News Bulletin.

Given the controversy surrounding her placement as interim manager and the opposition to that hiring by at least two members of council it is hoped this permanent hiring will bring some stability to city hall.

Samra was hired in November and in a short period of time has demonstrated a level of commitment to working with council that is both refreshing and encouraging.



  1. I must admit, I am pleased with Councils decision.

    Samra has been a breath of freshness into a tainted environment. Add to that she is a women, a lawyer, a First Nation, but that is enough platitudes, she is already saving us $1M a year at city hall. And she has only been on the job less than 6 mths.

    I just hope she can rien in the loose cannon of a mayor.

  2. Congratulations to Ms. Samra on being hired full-time city manager!

    Please keep up the good work and keep city hall and council free of the slimy half-truths of the past and especially cut-out any frivolous spending of our tax dollars. Average folk cannot afford the careless spending that has gone on.

    You have already overcome the biggest hurdle, going from interim, with all the huffing and puffing of a few troublesome types, to permanent.

    Keep cleaning-up the mess.


  3. I agree totally with Tim. Finally a huge "positive" for City operations. Samara is a great addition here for all.
    Maybe some of the business operatives who run without City licenses or the Council members who leak info on "In-camera meetings" will have a different opinion on this ? But these sneaky scallywags are usually found in dark corners.

    I.m hoping "the light" will be turned on for us all to see.
    Nanaimo moving forward !!

  4. I believe that her commitment to working with Staff is equally strong. All the parts have to work together to make Nanaimo a better place. Perhaps we can turn Nanaimo's reputation as "the armpit of the island" into its shoulders.


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