Friday, March 11, 2016

Nanaimo RCMP Fraud Warning

Fraudulent canvasser going door to door

The Nanaimo RCMP is asking the public to be vigilant after two reported incidents of a female going door to door fraudulently collecting money for different organizations.  It is believed the same female is responsible for both occurrences which took place on Monday, March 7 and Wednesday March 9.

In the Monday, March 7 incident, a home owner on Garside Place reported a female came to her door claiming to be working for the BC Open Heart Society. The suspect had a plastic salad bowel with her and pamphlets from the Society, along with a handmade name tag. She received $6 then left the area. On Wednesday March 9, a woman came to a home on Black Powder Trail with a can and claimed to represent the BC Heart and Stroke Foundation.  The homeowner did not give her any money and later called the Foundation to confirm the Heart and Stroke were not canvassing in that area.

The BC Open Heart Society was also contacted and confirmed the pamphlets the suspect had with her were at least 15 years old and their Society does not go door to door. The suspect is a white female, 60-70 years old, short grey hair, approximately 5 ft. 2 and 150 pounds.

March is Fraud Prevention month. Legitimate canvassers will have professionally made legible name tags and will welcome and be able to be address any questions concerning the organization they represent. If you have concerns, do not give any money and call the organization to confirm they are legit , said Constable Gary O'Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.


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