Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Last Winter Month In Nanaimo

Some sure signs that winter really is past and even though Spring is not official until Mar. 21 there are lots of signs of it around Nanaimo as photo artist Sher Falls captured this past week.

Above is a wind-swept dwarf flowering tree at Neck Point, and early Rhodo showing off it's spring finery and finally a bee or hover fly taking advantage of some early blooms. That little fellow is absolutely necessary if pollination is to occur and an abundance of fruit is the result of those pretty blooms.

More of this gifted photo artist's incredible work can be seen on her FlickR page or her website.

The above images are deliberately low resolution in a effort to thwart those on the Net that don't understand the concept of copyright. For higher resolution images visit her FlickR Page where you will find over 4000 of her special captures.


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