Wednesday, March 02, 2016

TD Bank Predicts $150 Billion 5 Year Deficit

 Deficit $150 Billion

The Canadian Press article in Huffpost reports that TD Bank says the federal government is on track to run $150 billiion budetary deficits over the next five years.

The bank claims it calculated the numbers based on Ottawa's predicted shortfalls resulting from the government's electoral spending vows and TD's below-consensus outlook for economic growth.



  1. Go Trudeau Go.

    Thanks to all you numb-skulls who voted for austerity!

  2. that's right !
    seems most of our august institutions, i.e. World Bank etc..and a growing army of economists are in agreement as well. Austerity measures didn't work. Time to invest and force some growth.

  3. Just fine with that. We need something, because it sure is getting depressing out there. I have never seen this country look so ragged.

    Especially this little burg. We are a town of vacant shops, run down suburbs, and, as someone said the other day piles of 'prime' dirt.
    Time to shake things up !

  4. More Taxes! More Welfare! Refugees love Canada!


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